Brown Books Project Book Lists

As part of ISAASE’s mission to improve South Asian American students’ experiences, we are providing Book Lists through the #BrownBooksProject. We are proud to feature books which highlight South Asian Americans’ diverse experiences, cultures, and voices in the literature offered in school. These lists should be shared with students as well as teachers in K-12 settings.

The Brown Books Project Books

We are happy to offer, for educators, book lists from our #BrownBooksProject, which features selected fiction and non-fiction writing about South Asian Americans and their diverse experiences, cultures, and voices, for use by educators themselves, and for student use. Learn more about the #BrownBooksProject here, or peruse the Brown Books lists below.


The Brown Books Project Young Adult Novels List

Our book list for Young Adult Novels in the #BrownBooksProject is now live on goodreads! If you sign up for an account, you can add to or vote on novels for the list. The YA Book list will be continually updated! Below are some selected YA Novels from this list, or you can click the button below the featured books for the full list.

The Brown Books Project NonFiction List

Our nonfiction book list in the #BrownBooksProject is under construction — please check back soon for a link.

The Brown Books Project Children’s List

Our children’s list in the #BrownBooksProject is under construction — please check back soon for a link.

Kitaab World’s Recommendations List

Kitaab World’s book lists and recommendations are excellent resources. They have book lists categorized by themes, holidays, people, religions and mythology, and a variety of categories, including books about Ramadan, Buddha Purnima, and South Asian books for children on the Autism spectrum. They also feature author interviews and offer free lesson plans for teachers. You can click the button below to see their recommendations now!

More Book Lists

  1. This is a reading list on Asian American Studies set up as a live-updating reading list.
    Diane Wong (@XpertDemon) shared, “before I left for graduate school I created an Asian American Studies Reading List to keep me grounded.” Since then, that list has grown a lot, and Wong says that it’s a crowdsourced resource, so users can “feel free to add, share, and use for reading groups, syllabi, workshops, etc.”
    Just remember to keep your contributions/edits helpful and additive.
  2. The site goodreads has a growing list of over 500 Young Adult books related to South Asian themes or peoples. You can find that list here.
  3. There are also more than 25 book lists on goodreads that include their own listings related to South Asian themes. You can find the lists here.
  4. Paste Magazine has summaries for 8 recommended books featuring South Asian protagonists.
  5. There is a list of children’s books about Indian culture here.

Cultural Proficiency Reading List

In addition to the book lists we offer through our #BrownBooksProject, we are proud to offer the following recommended reading list, geared toward improving teachers’ cultural proficiency.


Cultural Diversity and Education by James Banks – A book by James Banks (sometimes called the father of multicultural education) that is an excellent introduction to the main concepts and philosophies of multicultural education

Culturally Responsive Teaching by Geneva Gay – An excellent primer into how to become a culturally responsive teacher

Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond – Offers excellent strategies for implementing culturally responsive teaching with specific discussion of how it connects to brain science and learning

We Too Sing America South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and Sikh Immigrants Shape Our Multiracial Future by Deepa Iyer – A book about the ongoing, state-sanctioned persecution of a range of American minorities


“Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching” by Geneva Gay

“Cultural Proficiency” by Guerra & Nelson