About the #BrownBooksProject

The #BrownBooksProject is an effort to increase diversity in book lists offered in schools, as part of a larger effort to maximize cultural proficiency and representation of diversity. A valuable first step in increasing cultural proficiency of teachers, and all members of society, is to expose them to diverse thought, experiences, ideas, and voices. ISAASE’s specific aim is to increase the prevalence of books related South Asian Americans, their diverse experiences, cultures, and voices. This project is part of ISAASE’s larger mission to improve South Asian American students’ overall experiences in school. Ready to see the book lists? Click the button below.

Participate in the #BrownBooksProject

The #BrownBooksProject is a project started by ISAASE, but is maintained by a community that requires ongoing collaboration and input from people like you. You can participate by using the hashtag #BrownBooksProject on Twitter and Instagram.

The booklists for the project are maintained by ISAASE, and pull from a variety of sources, including from its partners’ sites (below).

Become a #BrownBooksProject Partner

Do you or your organization already compile lists of diverse books, or specifically, books on South Asian American cultures, experiences, and voices?

If so, please consider collaborating with us on this project. We are currently working closely with Kitaab World and highly recommend accessing their website as a first resource for learning about South Asian culture and diverse children’s books.

If you or your organization are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.


Thanks to Emily Lakdwalla (@elakdawalla) for the idea to provide South Asian American related book lists to teachers, and for introducing us to the hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks, and the diverse books movement, which has inspired #BrownBooksProject. 

Please contact us using the form above if you are interested or able to help sort, categorize, and provide information on the books in this booklist! This is an ongoing effort, and will thrive based on support from people like you.