3 Questions to Spark Courageous Conversations

teacher cultural proficiency

Here are three “Questions & Topics for Courageous Conversations for all Educators Supporting South Asian American Students,” taken from our updated 2018 Toolkit. The first question: HOW MUCH CULTURE-SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE … Read More

ISAASE Toolkit 2018

The 2018 ISAASE Toolkit

The ISAASE Toolkit 2018 edition is here! You can click here to download the PDF. What you’ll find in this year’s toolkit: The data on South Asian Americans (also available here) A … Read More

How Teachers Can Help

How can teachers help support South Asian American students

How can teachers help support the efforts of ISAASE, and help improve South Asian American students’ experiences? In more ways than you think. Teachers and other education leaders are uniquely … Read More

Downloads for Teachers

ISAASE's downloads for teachers

As part of our Teacher Cultural Proficiency Initiative (TCPI), we are proud to offer downloads for teachers. At our page for teachers, you can find our collection of resources for … Read More

The Myth of the Model Minority

The Impact of the Model Minority Myth - ISAASE.org

In spite of the fact that Asian Americans have diverse levels of education attainment, financial success, and fill varying socioeconomic brackets in the United States, they are often treated as … Read More

Name Pronunciation Guide

ISAASE - Name Pronunuciation Guide - Pronouncing Names Correctly is a big deal. South Asian Names

Pronouncing names correctly is a big deal. [It] always started with my name. The majority of my teachers made no effort to learn to pronounce it until they called roll … Read More

Fast Facts for Teachers

Fast Facts

Below is a collection of basic facts and important things to know about South Asian American students. This is geared towards teachers and other education leaders, but can be shared … Read More