Spotlight on: Emmen Ahmed

Emmen Jaan - ride with the mob

Spotlight on Emmen Ahmed (“Emmenjaan” / @emmenjaan)

You have likely seen Emmen’s work on Instagram or elsewhere on the internet (if you’re not already, follow her now).

Ahmed is a first generation Pakistani-American.

Her work is, in her words, a “showcase a fusion of Western nuances in the South Asian America culture.”

Ahmed mixes elements of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and American art and culture to create her art.

…resulting in art that is a reflection of hybrid identities.

Ahmed recently

Hear Ahmed in her recent work with the Tell Them I Am podcast

She has also recently made 40+ portraits and animations for Doha Debates 

Recently, she worked with the new brand Fable and Mane

Ahmed is an artist, graphic designer, and an increasingly popular creative voice online. She is featured here as one of our Be Inspired profiles. You can see more at her website,

The featured image on this page is Emmen Ahmed’s art “Ride with the Mob,” available here from Society6. Purchases made through our affiliate link help support this website. Profits benefit Ahmed’s Society6 store.

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