Get InvolvedYou can help improve South Asian American students’ experiences.

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Read on for ways in which you can get involved and support ISAASE’s mission to Improve South Asian American Students’ Experiences.

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2. Connect with us on social media

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3. Help spread the word.

Tell friends, family, and every educator you know about the data. Help us share our findings with everyone -- because everyone can help make a difference. You can also get involved by helping spread our message and sharing links to our site to your social media accounts. And connect with us by tagging @ISAASEorg on Twitter and @ISAASEorg on Instagram, and using the hashtag #ISAASE anytime you communicate about South Asian American students' experiences.

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4. Become a Sponsor

If you want to get involved by supporting ISAASE financially, please get in touch. Your gift can support ISAASE's efforts to continue our research and outreach efforts, create partnerships around the nation, and to develop projects to improve and promote teacher cultural proficiency.

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You can get involved andSupport our mission.

Step 1 - Support

Know the data. Subscribe to our newsletter, and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Step 2 - Advocate

Know the data, and begin to champion our cause in your school and community. Be an advocate.

Step 3 - Volunteer

Join us in our efforts by contributing as a sponsor, volunteering your skills or time, or partnering with us.

More Ways to Support ISAASE

Below are some more ideas for how you can help us in our mission.

  • Share our website with people you know
  • Share links to our website through Twitter, Facebook, or even an e-mail to a friend or colleague
  • If you have a blog or website, consider including our logo with a static link to, or just including a mention of the work we do
  • Get involved with our South Asian American Mentorship (SAAM) Program
  • Connect with our social media accounts and actively share our posts with peers, especially those of South Asian American descent
  • RT our tweets posts to educate others
  • Use the hashtag #ISAASE on Twitter and Instagram
  • If you work with an organization, recommend their partnering with us
  • Ask an organization you are connected with to sponsor ISAASE (bottom of our website)
  • Invite others to sign up, and to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of our website)
  • Connect with South Asian Americans and explicitly ask for ideas for improving their experiences in school and share them with us
  • Consider becoming a sponsor of ISAASE to help fund our research (or asking an organization you are connected with to do so)

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All costs incurred in running and maintaining ISAASE, developing resources, or presenting findings, is currently self-funded by its volunteers. Please contact us to become a sponsor, or if you would like to extend support in helping us secure further funding.