ISAASE can be contacted to conduct workshops at schools, universities, and organizations, in order to improve cultural proficiency, especially as related to (but not limited to) South Asian Americans.


Cultural Proficiency Presentations, Workshops for Schools

ISAASE can conduct workshops for educators, including teachers, principals, counselors, so that these education leaders can better support their students from diverse backgrounds, including South Asian American students, with an emphasis on recognizing diversity among student groups and avoiding stereotypes such as the model minority stereotype, that may contribute to students receiving less support than they may need, or experiencing less connectedness to school than they otherwise might. The end-goal of these workshops is to improve cultural proficiency of participants.

There are many ways ISAASE can partner with your school or education organization. Here are some ideas…

  • Presentations for staff members on cultural proficiency and the findings of ISAASE
  • Meetings with cultural proficiency directors and/or staff development teachers and coordinators to share findings and recommendations for best practices
  • Seminars/workshops with school teaching staff and counselors with key findings and best practice recommendations
  • Presentations to staff and community members (ex: PTA, community night) to share findings with school community and offer resources to families as well as schools
  • Formalized partnerships with school system or individual schools, whereby all staff receive training and guidance on findings and best practices, and ISAASE is able to award the school/district with our ISAASE Certification indicating the organization effectively supports and engages in best practices related to cultural proficiency and South Asian American students. (Contact us to learn more.)

Cultural Proficiency Presentations for Businesses

On behalf of ISAASE, or independent of the focus of ISAASE, Dr. Rice can offer speaking services on cultural proficiency for businesses supporting employees and staff from diverse backgrounds, including South Asian Americans, with an emphasis on recognizing diversity and avoiding stereotypes (including, but not limited to the model minority stereotype). The end-goal of such speaking engagements or presentations is to inspire and improve the cultural proficiency of participants.

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