Howard County Maryland South Asian American Businesses Directory

Howard County South Asian American Owned Business Directory

In For Families by Dr. Punita Rice

For families based in Howard County, Maryland who would like to support local businesses that are owned by South Asian Americans in your community, a directory is being built:

Howard County South Asian American Owned Businesses Directory

Do you know of a South Asian business (Howard County based) or service that belongs in this directory? You can submit a contribution to this directory here. Please note, the directory is manually updated. Please allow time for submissions to be added.

More information about the Howard County South Asian Business directory

We hope to expand this directory into a comprehensive list of South Asian American owned businesses, as well as businesses/services that offer services specifically geared toward South Asian American populations, in Howard County Maryland.

The goal is to develop a user-friendly guide, designed to connect families and individuals in Howard County with a diverse array of businesses — from great restaurants to innovative service providers to unique retail stores and professional services, all owned and operated by our South Asian American community members.

The goal is to create a simple and easy to navigate directory that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for, with enough detail to provide anyone using it with all the information you need, including business description and the best point of contact.

As Howard County continues to grow and thrive, so does our directory. We hope to regularly update our directory to include new businesses, ensuring you have the most current information at your fingertips.

Lets embrace the opportunity to explore, support, and celebrate the South Asian American business community in Howard County. The South Asian business directory is more than just a list of businesses — it’s a bridge connecting the diverse cultures and talents of our community to the people who live here.

Get Involved: Are you a South Asian American business owner in Howard County? Join our directory today and lets build more community engagement. Please note, businesses cannot pay for placement in this directory.

Together, let’s support and uplift the South Asian American-owned businesses that contribute significantly to the unique charm and economic vitality of Howard County, Maryland. Explore our directory today and experience the best of local living!