ISAASE Toolkit 2018

The 2018 ISAASE Toolkit

The ISAASE Toolkit 2018 edition is here! You can click here to download the PDF.

What you’ll find in this year’s toolkit:

  • The data on South Asian Americans (also available¬†here)
  • A fact sheet for all educators who work with and support SAA students
  • Questions & topics to generate courageous conversations and introspection
  • Our updated “Name Pronunciation Guide”
  • A recommended resources/links page

Here are some changes from our old toolkit to this year’s version:

  • Our fact sheet has been updated with more information
  • Our “quick tips for teachers” sheet has been removed
  • A new document has been added, that offers recommended questions and discussion topics for promoting “courageous conversations” — this is a great new resource for all educators
  • A new resources page has been added to the toolkit, with links to relevant sites
  • The style of the document has been changed and includes an overview on the first page

You can view older versions of the ISAASE toolkit on this page.